Red Shift B/C Rocket Glider

In preparation for HHAEFI 2015, Joshua wanted to have a new rocket glider to demo for the attendees. Using the parts from an old Hugulet B handlaunched glider from the 1930’s, he produced this 18″ span fixed wing glider.


The new Red Shift B/C did not disappoint, flying right off the board with no adjustments other than a couple clicks of right aileron trim.

The Red Shift is a two channel glider, featuring aileron and elevator control in keeping with a pylon racing type flight profile. It is fully aerobatic with excellent pitch and roll authority and boosts completely hands off on the mighty Estes C6 engines. The wings have proven strong enough to easily handle loops at full speed and power.



Joshua is very pleased with the results; the short development time had him nervous about the success of this project, but the model has performed great for the crowds at HHAEFI and at the recent Mercer Robotics Club outing.

Speaking of that outing, here’s a video of the Red Shift in flight:



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