Carbonette High Ceiling Elastic Launched Glider 2020




Carbonette ELG is a variant of our popular outdoor glider adapted to meet the 2019/2020 Science Olympiad Elastic Launched Glider rules and fly in high Cat II and Cat III AMA contests. This is a light, clean airplane designed to reach the higher ceilings where some contests will be held (up to 80′ ceilings) which the Protégé cannot achieve.

Also available in a 3 pack!

This is NOT a low ceiling glider and cannot perform at the Protégé’s level in sub-35′ ceilings. It is not capable of being built to the 3g minimum weight, so if you are flying in typical gymnasiums, you should buy the Protégé instead.

Don’t forget a launcher! Or get the ultimate launcher!

Flight demo:

Build video:

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