Evo E F5K




Now includes both F3K and F5K style rudders so you can choose either tail configuration. 

We’ve heard your requests! The electric Evo is here, and it’s ready for F5K competition!

Our prototype weighs 324g all up with a 2s 350mah lipo and full LED kit in the wing. This allows for a wonderful floating glide and powerful climbs to thermal height. Want to fly for sport? Load in a 3s 450 and get ready for a real ride!

Our Evo E kit includes all the parts and hardware to get you flying. All you need is the following power and control system:

5 channel or greater receiver

2s350-3s450 lipo

15-20A esc with braking function

2 wing servos, 9mm max thickness

2 servos for rudder and elevator, 3.7g-9g recommended

1306 motor minimum, best with 1506 motor, appx 3000 kv or similar

5.3×3.3 – 7×4.5 folding prop with suitable hub (Vladimir Model 6×4 folder is optimal)

Electric Fuselage build video:

Evo Fire Fuselage build video, Pt.1:

Evo Fire Fuselage build video, Pt.2:

Evo Fire Fuselage build video, Pt.3:

Wing, Part 1:

Wing, Part 2:

Full Playlist for Evo Fire Build:


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