Micro Pearl E-20/Capacitor



1st place, Junior E20, 2021 US Nationals
1st place, Junior/Open E20, 2022 US Nationals
3rd place, Standard E20, 2022 E20 World Postal Comp

This 20″ span Pearl by Alexandre Cruz is a great flying replica of America’s dominant gas model. Its thoroughbred lineage is on full display with a fantastic climb profile and thermal hunting glide, making the Micro Pearl a fearsome competitor in modern E20 competition. Mild power setup allows excellent performance with easy 90 second maxes in E20 configuration.

Power system is not included; you will need to select either a capacitor unit or an E-20 power system.

Pearl manual

Recommended E-20 power system:

8.5x20mm motor
1s 150-250 mah lipo
10-20 second timer
55-65mm propeller

Recommended Capacitor power system:

8.5x20mm motor
10F Supercapacitor
3-4. 5V charger
55-65mm propeller

OR use our capacitor power system!


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