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New Indoor Models!

New Indoor Models!

Josh Finn has built several new models this fall building on the findings of the 2017 contest season. Additionally he has designed two new hubs which are now available for sale, the F1D v3.0 and its beefy sibling, the Unlimited v3.0 which is the result of his efforts to build a practical FAI Unlimited class […]

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Spinster DLG – Free Plans!

J&H Aerospace is pleased to announce the successful completion of the new Spinster DLG, a super low-tech DLG that will cost about $30 to build and serves as an excellent introduction to DLG/F3K. It only takes a couple of evenings to build and has a removable wing so you can easily transport it to the […]

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New F1M variable pitch hub added!

J&H Aerospace is pleased to announce the introduction of our new carbon VP hub for F1M. At less than 300 mg it is very light, yet robust enough to handle the high torque values common on F1M models. In fact this hub is stressed to handle the launch torques of Open Pennyplanes. Adjustment screws are […]

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F1D Propeller Construction

Now that Hope and Josh have recovered from the F1D World Championship, we are going to start uploading footage from various flying activities again. In the meantime, here are some propeller building videos we meant to upload back in February. First up is how to double taper balsa spars. I use this technique for all […]

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Composite Red Shift

We have now finished the first composite Red Shift rocket glider and it has completed numerous successful flights. This model has fully lived up to expectations with a very impressive glide and excellent structural strength. It has good control authority throughout its flight envelope. This model features full composite construction. The wings are vacuum bagged […]

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New Cat I F1R Records!

Joshua broke his nineteen minute F1R record at the October TTOMA contest using the new F1R v1.1 hub in excellent conditions. On this flight, the model climbed continuously until the 13 minute mark, expending a great deal of available energy which could have been devoted to a longer cruise. After numerous tests, it became apparent […]

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Boron gluing tool

A few people have asked me how I coat boron fibers with glue to secure them to motorsticks/tailbooms/etc. I made a coating tool some years ago that works great for this. It’s made from thin aluminum (about the same as a coke can). I formed it into a bowl shape with pliers, and over a […]

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Installing wire bearings and rear hooks

A recent discussion on the Yahoo Indoor_Construction forum revealed the need for more tutorials on installing wire bearings and hooks in rolled tube fuselages, particularly for beginning F1D fliers. What follows is my personal method. Some will find it too heavy, others too difficult. This is the reason why there are many different methods for […]

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Red Shift B/C Rocket Glider

In preparation for HHAEFI 2015, Joshua wanted to have a new rocket glider to demo for the attendees. Using the parts from an old Hugulet B handlaunched glider from the 1930’s, he produced this 18″ span fixed wing glider. The new Red Shift B/C did not disappoint, flying right off the board with no adjustments […]

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Mercer University Flight Demos

The Mercer Robotics Club visited SuperSod’s farm in Warner Robins, and J&H Aerospace was invited to demo a few aircraft. The club recently purchased two kits for the experimental Switchblade A/B, a higher powered version of the XP intended to allow rocket powered FPV flying. Joshua Finn’s Smoothie made an appearance, putting up two very […]

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